Use W S A D to control the character.

Use arrow keys to move portal 

If you enter the portal on the left side of the screen, next level will be easier but you will get less points for it.
If you enter the portal on the right side of the screen you will get harder level with more points


You are Astrix prince of Europe an evil wizard has captured you in order to acqiure your kingdom and to show the world his true powers by killing your father.  

You must escape from the wizards tower in order to protect your peolple and also to save your fathers life.  

Hurry up before it is to late!

Game created for Weekly Game Jam 111  (theme Portals) by 

Shreyans Shushil Jain  (game designer)

Hubert Gliński  (graphic)

and Filip Mączko (programmer)


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first exit portal is in an intraversable area, rendering the game unplayable.

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You can move portal using arrows. Place in which you enter the portal controls difficulty of next level. (Everything is explained in text before game)

But we should probably add explonation also to game page.

Thanks for comment

the way it was formulated made it sound like there would be multiple portals ala Quake 1.

Ow. Sorry. Intro text can be a little bit misleading I will try to formulate something better as soon as possible