Beat The Bot - 4 in a row is my take on a classic connect 4 game that allows you to fully customize your opponent. You can play against your friends locally or construct a bot with difficulty level perfectly suited to you and if you are really bored and want to level up your skill in connect 4 you can do this by watching 2 bots play against each other. 

AI Parameters:

Algorithm: MINMAX / ALPHA BETA - you can choose which algorithm you want the bot to use. ALPHA BETA CUT is faster and both ALPHA BETA CUT and MINMAX give the results.

Start move: CALCULATED START/ START RANDOMLY - does the bot should start with the random move or with the best move in its opinion.


Best Move Heuristic: WINNER LOSER, HALF STAR, FULL STAR - these parameters say bot how to determine what is the best move. 

WINNER LOSER is saying only if the move is winning move or losing one. Every move witch doesn't timidity lead to victory (or defeat) is treated the same


HALF STAR, FULL STAR - these functions calculate how god the move is by checking every field how for series of identical fields in the neighborhood. Parameters correct color value and empty field value states how many fields with the correct color and empty field are wort in a series.

HALF STAR considers only half of the possible series. FULL START considers all series you can create for the field.


Depth Heuristic: STATIC DEPTH / DYNAMIC DEPTH - states how many move forward bot should consider. Bigger values will cause the bot to "think" longer.

STATIC DEPTH - the bot will always check given number of moves ahead.

DYNAMIC DEPTH - the bot will start checking the number of moves ahead given in staring depth parameter. Then after every n moves (n given in “increment after moves” parameter) bot will check one more move ahead.